Web Dashboard: Download and Install InvoiceASAP's QuickBooks Sync Manager

Once you have upgraded to an InvoiceASAP Biz account, you can download and install the InvoiceASAP QuickBooks Connector.

The QuickBooks Connector must be installed on the same computer that your QuickBooks client is installed on.

These instructions are for installing the Connector for the first time or updating your existing version of the Connector


1. From your computer, log into the Web Dashboard.


2. Once you are logged in, click on QuickBooks sync on the left navigation.



3. If you want, we can help you get setup.
If you want to set it up for yourself, then click I'll Set It Up Myself.



4. Do you use Item Codes in your QuickBooks?



5. Do you want to sync invoices from QuickBooks into InvoiceASAP?



6. If you are syncing invoices from QuickBooks into InvoiceASAP, which system takes precedence?
For example, if you edit the same invoice in InvoiceASAP and QuickBooks, do InvoiceASAP edits take precedence over QuickBooks edits?
If so, then select Yes.
If QuickBooks edits take precedence over InvoiceASAP edits, then click No.



7. When you edit an invoice or estimate in InvoiceASAP, do you want those edits to update the invoice or estimate in your QuickBooks?



8. Do you want to sync payments from QuickBooks into InvoiceASAP?



9. Do you want to sync payments from InvoiceASAP into QuickBooks?



10. When you edit a customer's info in InvoiceASAP, do you want to sync these updates to QuickBooks?



11. Do you use sales reps?



12. Changes to products & services in InvoiceASAP never update your item list in QuickBooks.


13. A friendly reminder to backup your QuickBooks.



14. Click the Download button. 04-Download-1.png



15. Save the file.05-SaveFile-1.png


16. Once you have downloaded the file, double-click on it to open it.

In my browser, I can find the file by clicking on the download arrow in the upper right corner.

By default, your computer will download it to your Downloads folder, unless you have configured your computer differently.




17. Your computer may ask you to save the file.

Again, this will depend on your computer's settings.




18. When you double-click the downloaded file, you get the first installer screen.  Click Next.




19. In  most cases, you will simply click Next.  If your QuickBooks is installed on a drive other than the C: drive, you can change the drive letter here.




20. Click Install.




21. It will copy the program to your hard drive.




22. Press Finish.




23. The Connector is on your Desktop.




Go to How To Connect To QuickBooks Desktop for instructions on how to connect and run a sync.



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