QBD: Connect to QuickBooks Desktop

This article shows how to get connected to QuickBooks Desktop and sync for the first time.

It assumes that you have already downloaded the Connector on the same drive as your QuickBooks.


Please backup your QuickBooks! 


1. The first thing to do is to open your QuickBooks.






2. Next, go back to the Desktop and double-click on the InvoiceASAP QuickBooks Connector.




3. Click on the Setup button.




4. This screen gives you instructions. Press Next.




5. Now, enter your username and password to InvoiceASAP and press Connect.




6. If this is the first time you are connecting, QuickBooks will ask if you want to give InvoiceASAP permission to access your files.

Select Yes, Always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.

If you have a username, make sure you select the username the Connector will use.

Then press Continue.




7. Click Done.




8. Next, you are asked to setup your auto-sync preferences.

You can sync:

  • Every 15 minutes

  • Every 30 minutes

  • Every 60 minutes

  • Once a day, and you determine the time next to the Sync Daily option.

If you do not want auto sync, simply uncheck "Run AutoSync."

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you normally run in multi-user mode, you can set your QuickBooks, change your QuickBooks back to multi-user mode before clicking the Done button.




9. When you click Done, the sync runs the first time automatically.



The sync starts and lets you know what step it is on as it progresses.

VERY IMPORTANT:  InvoiceASAP pulls customers, items, tax rates & payments from your QuickBooks.

InvoiceASAP currently does NOT pull historical invoices or estimates.



10. The sync was successful and the data is in our cloud.

Close the window, and the sync will continue to run automatically based on your settings.




When you close the Sync window, the InvoiceASAP Connector is now in your tray.

You can access the tray by clicking on the up arrow in the lower right portion of your computer's task bar.





The next step is to bring the data from our cloud onto your device.

We are using iPad screen shots, but the process is the same for Android apps.

Open the app, scroll to the bottom of the main menu and select Refresh from Cloud.




On Android, you will see the data downloading as you watch.

On iPhone/iPad, you get the message shown below.  Click OK.




Select Customers.  Your customer list from QuickBooks is now on your app. 




To view your Products/Services, click on Manage App from the Main Menu.




Select Products & Services




Your Items are in your app



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