Adding a New Item during the QuickBooks Desktop Sync

When you have an item on an invoice in InvoiceASAP that doesn't exist in your QuickBooks, the sync displays a pop-up to let you create the item in your Item List in QuickBooks before syncing the invoice into your QuickBooks.  This article shows how to define the item in your QuickBooks.


STEP 1:  Select the Item Type.  Your options are Service, Inventory Part, Non-Inventory Part and Other Charge.  If you are not sure, select Other Charge, as you can change this type in QuickBooks later.



STEP 2:  For all types, select an Income Account.  It MUST be an Income Account.  If it does not say "Income Account" in parenthesis next to the account name, then you cannot use it for the Income Account. 



STEP 3:  If you choose an Inventory Part as the item type, then you have to choose a Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Asset account.



STEP 4:  Select the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) account.  It MUST say "CostOfGoodsSold" in parenthesis next to the account name.  



STEP 5:  Select the Asset account.  This can be an Asset, Fixed Asset, Other Current Asset, or any other type of asset account, but it MUST have "Asset" in parenthesis next to the item name.



STEP 6:  Click OK to continue the sync.


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