SYNC ERROR: Details 7: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

There are a lot of reasons why a merchant may get this error during the sync.
Where you get this error also defines what you need to look at in order to resolve it.

This article is addressing only one of these reasons, when it occurs with an item.
This isn't the only reason why we will get this error, but it is one reason.

STEP 1:  Determine where this error is occurring.  In this example, it's part of the Invoice sync when we are trying to verify items.



STEP 2:  Take a look at the invoice to see which item is having the problem.  It will always be the item AFTER the one listed in the Sync Log.  In this example, it's item RT-7015-742520(P).



STEP 3:  Edit the item in QuickBooks.  In this example, the Cost and Sales Price fields are empty.  It's okay for the Sales Price to be empty.  But the Cost cannot be empty.



STEP 4:  Add a value to the Cost and click OK.



STEP 5:  Rerun the sync.  The invoice will sync correctly.



STEP 6:  The sync is successful, and you get a happy face!


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