InvoiceASAP Payments: Completing the Application for InvoiceASAP Payments

STEP 1:  Log into the Web Dashboard at > Log In



STEP 2:  Click on Accept Payments on the left navigation.



STEP 3:  Click on Apply Now03-ApplyNow.png



STEP 4:  Fill out all 3 pages of the application and submit.




STEP 5:  The application has been submitted.



STEP 6:  Check your email.  You will receive an email like this one that tells you 2 small deposits are being sent to your bank account.  You will need to verify those 2 small deposits.



STEP 7:  Your next step is to verify the 2 small deposits.  It can take 1-3 business days for these deposits to be displayed in your bank account.  This article shows how to verify your deposits. 


If you do not receive the deposits within 1-3 business days, that means the banking information you entered was incorrect.  Please contact InvoiceASAP at


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