InvoiceASAP Payments: Credit Card Payment Screens, Web or Mobile

The Credit Card payment screens are the same for web or mobile.

Here is the process of taking a payment with Credit Card.


STEP 1:  Select Pay with credit card.



Step 2:  Fill out the form and click Next.



STEP 3:  Enter address info and click Pay.


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    But up until this year, I never had payments via card put on hold. Last month was a 5 day hold, and now once again I am waiting on a 7500+ payment, and it has messed up my payroll, and will screw up much more if not lifted

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    Dave Lilly

    I have never had anyone pay me thru invoice asap and I've never even set it up with my bank. A customer of mine paid me $3,035 thru the app. She can not cancel payment on her end and I need help figuring out how to get my money from here?? Please help. I just filled out the paperwork with my routing number an bank account.

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