Invoices Are Not Being Marked Paid

PROBLEM:  You are taking payments through the Clover Mini or Clover Station, but the invoices in InvoiceASAP are not being marked as paid.


SOLUTION:  You MUST return to InvoiceASAP after taking each payment.  Otherwise, InvoiceASAP never receives the payment information from Clover.  


STEP 1:  Tap "Pay Now" from the invoice you are paying.



STEP 2:  Select the payment method.  In this example, we are going to swipe the credit card.



STEP 3:  Your customer signs.



STEP 4:  You or your customer taps Done after signing.



STEP 5:  This is the critical step.  You MUST tap Done on this screen to return to InvoiceASAP.  This is the ONLY time that InvoiceASAP will receive payment information from Clover about this invoice.  If you do not tap Done on this screen, your InvoiceASAP invoice will not be marked as paid.



STEP 6:  The last screen you should see after taking a payment is the InvoiceASAP invoice with the "Paid" stamp.  When you get here, you know that the invoice has been marked as paid.


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