Mobile App: Verifying your InvoiceASAP Subscription with iTunes

If your InvoiceASAP subscription is through iTunes, then you must remain logged into iTunes at all times when you are using InvoiceASAP.

This is how we verify that your subscription is valid.

If you try to use InvoiceASAP on someone else's iPhone or iPad, or iTunes has a problem with your credit card, then your InvoiceASAP account will be set back to a free account.

When this happens, please follow these steps.

First, verify that your subscription on iTunes is valid, and that there isn't a problem with your credit card.
Here is a link to an article on Apple's support site that shows how to do this:

Once you have verified that your subscription to InvoiceASAP is valid with your iTunes login, follow these steps to get InvoiceASAP to recognized your iTunes subscription:

  • First, make sure you know your InvoiceASAP password.  If you are not sure, tap on Manage > My Profile, change your password and tap Save.

  • Next, go back to the InvoiceASAP app's home screen and tap Refresh

  • Log out of InvoiceASAP by tapping Manage > Log Out

  • Hard-close InvoiceASAP by double-tapping on the button at the bottom center of your iPhone.iPad and swiping InvoiceASAP to the top.

  • Reopen InvoiceASAP and log back in.  

As long as you remain logged into the iTunes account that you subscribed to InvoiceASAP with, then InvoiceASAP will be able to recognize your subscription.


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