Web Dashboard: Linking Payeezy to InvoiceASAP

Payeezy is a payment method for web invoices. 
To connect Payeezy to InvoiceASAP, you will need four pieces of information from your PayEezy account. 

You will need to login to your Payeezy account to Copy this information.
You will then Paste this information into the fields described below on the InvoiceASAP Dashboard.
The instructions below walk you through the process of getting this information for InvoiceASAP.

Download instructions as PDF


Log in to

Step 1:



Step 2:



Step 3:



Step 4: Open a New Browser Tab



Step 5: Login to your InvoiceASAP Account




Step 6: Click "Settings"



Step 7: Click Payment Methods



Step 8: Select "Other Payment Methods" (lower right), Then Select Payeezy



Step 9: Paste the Data you copied from your Payeezy Account into the corresponding fields




Step 10: 



Step 11: 


Step 12: 


Step 13:



Step 14: 




It's a little confusing because the screenshots show copying a long set of asterisks in Step 3, Step 9, Step 12 and Step 13.
But you need to copy the actual data:
- the password generated in Step 3
- the HMAC key generated in Step 12

The asterisks are the encrypted data, and we don't have the ability to decrypt it.

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