How to Cancel your Clover Subscription

If you subscribed to InvoiceASAP from the Clover App Market, you can cancel your InvoiceASAP subscription by simply uninstalling the InvoiceASAP app from your Clover device.

Here are the simple steps to show you how to do this from your computer in  5 easy steps:
 - Go to Clover and log in
 - Click on App Market
 - Click on Installed Apps
 - Click on InvoiceASAP
 - Click on Uninstall

Here are the screenshots that show you how to do this.


1.  Go to Clover and log in.


Input your login credentials.



2. Click on App Market.



3. Click on Installed Apps.



4. Click on InvoiceASAP, whichever version you have


5. Click on Uninstall.

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