My Sync Failed. Now what?

A sync can fail for A LOT of reasons.

In most cases, InvoiceASAP has tried to make the error messages plain enough that you should be able to figure out what is going on.

So if you get a sync error, don't worry!

Just follow these instructions for help.


With auto-sync, the InvoiceASAP Sync window opens automatically if you get an error.


1. Click on the Sync Log button.




2. On the bottom section scroll down until you see SYNC ERROR.




3. When you are done with this screen, click the Back button.132b-GoBack.png



4. If you don't know what caused the error and need support, click on Support.




5. This opens the InvoiceASAP Support site.

Click on Submit A Request.




6. Input your info and click Submit.


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