How To Find the Detailed Log

Sometimes, we ask to see your Detailed Log, which contains technical information about the most recent sync.

Here are the instructions for finding the log and sending it to us:


Open the InvoiceASAP Sync Manager and click on Sync Log.



The top part of the log shows the dates you have synced.

The bottom shows the details.

Scroll down to see an error.  In many cases, the error will tell you how to fix the problem.
Here is a link to that shows how to view the log on our Manage Account Website:



However, sometimes there isn't enough information for you to resolve the issue.
In these cases, we ask that you send us the Detailed Log.

The Detailed Log is found with a hidden button, which  opens a hidden folder.




Copy LogFile.log to your desktop, then attach it to your Support Ticket or e-mail.


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