There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Account "" in the Items.

In your QuickBooks Sync, you get an error message like this:

Could not create the item 'Paint'. Details: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Account "" in the Items.

Cannot create the invoice
There are 2 scenarios when this error occurs:
  1. You are trying to create a new item in QuickBooks during the sync, or
  2. You are trying to match your item from invoiceASAP into an existing item in your QuickBooks.

This article addresses both of these scenarios.


Creating a New Item in QuickBooks

 When you have an item in invoiceASAP that does not exist in QuickBooks, this screen displays.

In this example, I want to add a new item called "Paint" into my QuickBooks



I have to identify 2 pieces of information about the new item:

  1. The type of item that it is, and
  2. The Income account it applies to

NOTE:  If you are not sure about these values, open your QuickBooks and look at an existing item.


Once you have identified the Type & Account, press OK.




Match to an Existing Item in QuickBooks

 In this example, we want to match an item in invoiceASAP with an existing item in QuickBooks.



Open your QuickBooks, edit the item that you want to match to.

Check the Type of item and the Account, which must be an Income account.



Even though you are matching to an existing item in QuickBooks, you need to set the Type & Account on the New Item Details page.




Now that your Type & Account are selected, click on Select Existing Item and select the item from QuickBooks you want to match to.

Press Okay.





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