An error occurred during the synchorinzation. Details: ItemSalesTaxAdd


Your sync displays this error message:
An error occurred during the synchronization. Details: ItemSalesTaxAdd
Name: required field is missing
End of ItemSalesTaxAdd



First, make sure that you have Sales Tax enabled.

  • From the QuickBooks Menu, select Edit, Preferences
  • On the Left Nav, select Sales Tax. 
  • On the Right Pane, select Company Preferences
  • Make sure that Yes is selected.



  • After checking Yes, select the Add Sales Tax Item button to add your Sales Tax Item.
  • Make sure that your Sales Tax Name matches the name of the sales tax item created in invoiceASAP.
  • You also must identify the agency that you send your sales tax to.



  • The Tax Agency is a vendor.  Complete the form with the pertinent information.
  • When this information is filled out, try the invoiceASAP Sync again.






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