The customer you have specified has been deleted

In order for invoiceASAP to sync successfully to QuickBooks Online, all of the customers that you are using on an invoice must be active in your QuickBooks Online.

Please follow these instructions if you get this error:

ERROR OCCURRED: Invalid Customer: The customer you have specified has been deleted. You cannot create or edit a transaction with a deleted customer.


1. Anytime you get a sync error, click on the View Log button.




2. The top part of the log shows all the syncs you have performed and whether or not they are successful.

Click on the link at the top.




3. The bottom section now shows the details from the sync.  Scroll until you get to the red error message.

In this example, the log is telling us that a customer used on the invoiceASAP invoice has been deleted in QuickBooks Online.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  QuickBooks Online now has 2 versions.

If your screens do not look like the ones below, please click here to view instructions.


1. Open your QuickBooks Online, select Customers in the left nav. 

In the right side, click on the gear and check Include Inactive.

Enter the customer your are searching for and press the magnifying glass to search.




2. On the search list, you can see 2 customers that matched my search criteria. 

Press the Make Active button next to the deleted customer.




3. QuickBooks Online tells you that the customer is now active.




4. Now the sync with InvoiceASAP is successful.


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