One of the List Elements Assigned To This Transaction Has Been Deleted

In order for invoiceASAP to sync successfully to QuickBooks Online, all of the items that you are using on an invoice must be active in your QuickBooks Online.

When you get a sync error, you need to look at the log.  Press the View Log button.



The top part of the log shows all the syncs you have performed and whether or not they are successful.

Click on the link at the top.



The bottom section now shows the details from the sync.  Scroll until you get to the red error message.

In this example, the log is telling us that an item used on the invoiceASAP invoice has been deleted in QuickBooks Online, and it displays the name of the deleted item.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your QuickBooks Online does NOT look like the screen shots below, please refer to this article.


Open your QuickBooks Online, select the Gear in the upper right corner, and select Products and Services under All Lists.




We know from the error message which item we need to undelete. 

Input the item name in the search box, check the Include Inactive and press Return to search.




QuickBooks has included the word (deleted) after the item name.  Tap on the item name and press Edit.



In the lower left corner of the Item Edit screen, uncheck the Inactive box and press Save.



You can see that the item is now active, because it no longer has (deleted) after the name.




Now when we sync in invoiceASAP, the sync is successful.




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