Assign Invoices To a User/Employee

To assign a Sales Rep to an invoice, login to the Manage Account Website at > Log In

Step 1:

Click on Invoices on the left navigation.



Step 2:

Check the invoices you want to assign to your sales reps, then click Assign.


Step 3:

All of your current active users display.
Select the one you want to assign these invoices to, then click Assign to Sales Rep.


Step 4:

The invoices are now assigned.

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    Is this for scheduling purposes or just for reports?

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    InvoiceASAP Tech Team

    It can be used for both purposes.
    We have customers who want the office manager to create all the invoices or estimates, then assign them to the guys in the field to handle.

    That is a perfect use case for assigning sales reps.
    We don't currently have a scheduling option, but this is coming soon.

    You may also have an employee who has left, and you want to assign any open invoices to a new employee.



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