Web Dashboard: How to Add Default Comments on Invoices / Estimates

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1. From your computer, log into the Web Dashboard. 




2. Click on Settings.




3. Click Document Settings.




4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Insert your default comment and click Save.


 The default Comment displays after you Save an estimate or invoice.

So for the default comment to work for you:
- Create your new invoice
- Press Save
- Edit the Invoice & add your Amazon Order Number

If you edit or add a comment while you are creating a new invoice, then the system assumes that you want to use this comment rather than the default.
The default is only evaluated when you press the Save button.

So to be clear, if you put something in the Comment field while you are creating a new invoice, then that is the comment that is saved.
If you leave the comment blank when you are creating a new invoice, then the default comment is attached to the invoice when you save it.

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