Intuit Sync Manager Discontinued - Not To Worry

InvoiceASAP sync to QuickBooks Desktop will continue uninterrupted.

This will not affect the InvoiceASAP Sync Connector.

QuickBooks had two different ways that they allow companies to sync to your QuickBooks Desktop.
- One way, they are discontinuing, and that is what you got the notice for.
- The other way is the way that InvoiceASAP syncs with QuickBooks Desktop.

That is why this will not affect you.
The method that we chose to implement our QuickBooks Connector requires that you install the connector on your PC, and it only works with PCs -- it will not work with Macs at all.

The method that Intuit is discontinuing uses their cloud-based APIs to connect QuickBooks Desktop to a company's data.

InvoiceASAP is not only continuing to sync with QuickBooks Desktop, but we are enhancing our sync capabilities all the time:

- We recently added auto-sync
- Syncing sales reps from your QuickBooks to InvoiceASAP is coming in the next couple of weeks
- Two-way sync will is available 
- Putting your outstanding customer balance on the app based on your InvoiceASAP and QuickBooks data
- Updating InvoiceASAP's inventory quantity with the quantities from your QuickBooks Desktop

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