Mobile App: How to Add Photos

This article describes how to add photos from the app 

You can only attach photos from the mobile device.


Here's how on the app:

1. Login to the app 

2. From the app, create and save your invoice 

3. Tap on Invoice List 




4. Select the invoice you would like to add the photos from




5. An action bar slides out from the right -- that is how you know you are on the right screen

    At the bottom of this screen there is a camera icon

    Tap on the camera icon




6. Tap take new photo or choose photo from your library




7. Take picture




8. Tap use photo


If you have not previously given InvoiceASAP permission to access your photos, it will ask for permission.
If you have previously denied permission, then all you will see is a black screen.
If you have the black screen, then you will have to change the permission settings on the mobile settings.

Photos are not stored in high resolution, because it takes too much time to upload them.

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    Tom Fitzpatrick

    Would love the ability to add photos to the item list and then show them on the estimate and in the item list!

    Edited by Tom Fitzpatrick
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    I was able to upload a photo from my desktop. Is there a way to email the photo with the estimate?? 

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