How to Process Mobile Payments with PayPal Here in the InvoiceASAP Mobile App

Here are detailed instructions on how to process invoice payments on your mobile device using PayPal Here.

Please note that PayPal Here with InvoiceASAP​ is separate from using your ​PayPal Personal account with InvoiceASAP and requires an additional PayPal Here account.


In-person payments are those where the customer is present. In these circumstances, you or the customer will swipe the customer’s credit card using the PayPal Here Reader (attached to your mobile device), or enter the customer’s credit card details manually.


Before you start: Connect your PayPal Here Account

Before you can start taking payments with PayPal Here, you’ll need to connect your PayPal Here account to InvoiceASAP.

If you haven't already done this, read our detailed instructions on How to link your PayPal Account with InvoiceASAP.

To connect to PayPal Here you will need to be signed up to a paid InvoiceASAP plan (Base, Plus or Biz), and be using an iOS device. Unfortunately PayPal Here isn’t available on Android yet.


Step-by-Step Guide to Taking PayPal Here Payments on your Mobile Device  


1. Open the InvoiceASAP app on your mobile device and Log in. 




2. If this is the first time you are using PayPal Here after connecting your account with InvoiceASAP, you will need to make sure all your PayPal Here account information is transferred from the cloud to your mobile device.

On the home screen, tap ‘Refresh. If you do not do this, then the option to pay with PayPal Here won’t be there.




3. Once you've refreshed from cloud, tap on Invoice List on the home screen and open the invoice that needs to be paid.

Then on the action Bar to the right of the screen, select ‘Pay Now’ 




4. On the following screen you’ll be presented with a selection of different ways to pay. There will be an option to pay by credit card, and next to this button there should be the “PayPal Here” logo. Tap ‘Card’.

Note: If the PayPal logo is not visible on this page, go back to the home screen of the app and tap ‘Refresh’ (see step 2). 




5. Once you have tapped on 'Card', you’ll be directed  to process the payment. Enter the date and amount in, and then click the green “Pay” button. 




6. Here, you can swipe the customer’s credit card using the PayPal Here Dongle (inserted into the audio jack) or enter the customer’s credit card details manually. At this time we are only supporting the PayPal Here card swiper, not the EMV card reader.

Below your navigation bar, a status bar will indicate your connection to the reader. Once the reader is connected and ready to process your payment, the bar will turn green, promoting you to “Swipe your card now.” When you see this message, swipe the credit card through the card swiper.

If you don’t have a swiper or need to enter the credit card details manually, tap Enter manually here to do this.


A) Connect your reader, or manually enter your the credit card information 




B) Insert the PayPal Here Dongle into the auto jack of your  mobile device. 

If you did not receive a PayPal Here Dongle in your PayPal Here package, you can also order it here.

paypal-dongle-image_1024 (1).png



C) Reader is connected correctly, swipe the credit card now  




D) Enter credit card information manually.



If you are entering the card information manually, hit the ‘Submit”’ button once you have entered the credit card number, expiration date, and card security code (CVV/CVV2/CSC) from the back of the customer’s card.



8. For some transactions, generally those over $50.00 USD, you may need a customer signature to finalize the  transaction. If this is the case, the app will prompt you to take a signature. Otherwise, proceed to the final step. 




9. Next you will be directed to a signature capture screen. Pass the mobile device to your customer and ask them to sign using their finger or a stylus pen. Once the customer has signed, they will tap ‘save’. 




10. When the payment is complete, the customer will have a choice to receive a receipt.  They can enter in their email address if they would like to receive a receipt and then click “send receipt”. If they do not want a receipt, press “no receipt.  



PayPal Here fees for in-person payments

For payments processed through PayPal Here there is a 2.7% per US transaction fee.

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