How to Install InvoiceASAP Beta for iOS

The new InvoiceASAP app for iOS is currently in a closed beta testing phase as we prepare to roll it out to all of our iPhone and iPad users. If you have received an invitation and use iOS 8.0 or above, you can use Apple's TestFlight app to download the new app, receive notifications as it is updated, and submit app feedback directly to the development team as we get it ready for general release.

Accept your TestFlight invitation

After you have provided the required information to InvoiceASAP, the development team will send you an invitation to test the app using Apple's TestFlight program. TestFlight provides a single location on your device from which you can download the latest version available for testing and provide valuable feedback on your experiences with the beta version. In addition, you can use TestFlight to manage your email and/or device notifications when new versions are available for testing or, if necessary, to opt out of the beta program.


1. When you receive the email from iTunes, press Start Testing to opt into the beta program.




2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app. If you already have the TestFlight app, your device will open it to connect to the beta program. Press Accept to continue:




3. Otherwise, if you do not have TestFlight installed, you must follow the instructions to install TestFlight first. Then, log in with the same Apple ID you provided to the development team and then accept your invitation to the beta program:

1. Copy the redemption code from the page that opens and follow 

    the link to install TestFlight from the App Store.

2. Log into the TestFlight app and press the Redeem button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Paste your code in the field that pops up and hit Redeem in the upper-right corner.





4. When TestFlight prompts you to install the app, you may see an alert telling you that your existing version of InvoiceASAP will be replaced:


If you have any unsaved documents, customers, customer notes, items, taxes, or payment terms, you should return to your existing version of InvoiceASAP and hit the Save button first. Everything you have saved in InvoiceASAP is always backed up to our secure cloud storage, so you won't lose any of your company's data. Return to TestFlight and hit Install. After installing the app via TestFlight, logging back into the app will automatically reconnect to the cloud and download your company data back to your device as your internet connection permits.



5. InvoiceASAP Beta will then appear in your apps for testing. You can use TestFlight to open the app or to install updates when they're available. By clicking on the app in your list, you can also submit app feedback, configure your update notification settings, or opt out of the beta program.




6. On your device's home screen, InvoiceASAP Beta will replace your existing version of InvoiceASAP. TestFlight versions have an orange dot next to the app name to indicate that they are beta apps.



Thank you for your participation in the testing program! We're looking forward to your feedback to deliver the best app possible for your business needs.

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