How to Submit Feedback on the iOS Beta app using TestFlight

The new version of the InvoiceASAP iOS app is currently in closed beta. If you are a participant in the beta test, you should submit app feedback directly to the development team instead of using InvoiceASAP Support. This can be done easily using Apple's TestFlight app in the same place you downloaded the app.


1. Open the TestFlight app and choose your app from the list that appears. You must be logged into TestFlight with the same Apple ID that you used in order to register for the Beta.




2. Press Send Feedback, then OK in the alert that appears.


TestFlight will start an email to the development team. This email includes a file called device_information.txt that includes anonymous information about your device such as what kind of device you're using and what version of iOS you have installed. Per our Privacy Policy, we will never sell any of your information and will use it only to improve your experience with the app.

Sample device_information.txt

App Information:
App Name: Invoice ASAP, Mobile Invoicing - works with PayPal, QuickBooks, Square & Xero
App Version: 6.0.3 (2759)
Installed App Version: 6.0.3 (2759)

Device Information:
Device: iPad3,6
iOS Version: 8.3
Language: en (English)
Carrier: Verizon
Timezone: PDT
Architecture: armv7s
Connection Status: WiFi

Type your feedback in the body of the email. In order to help us best find and fix the issue, please include the following in your submission along with any other information you think is helpful:

1. What you were trying to do

2. What you expected to happen

3. What happened instead

Send Feedback Email.jpg

When finished, just hit Send. Your feedback will be sent to the development team as your internet connection permits.

As always, we appreciate your continued usage of the app and look forward to working together to help your company run more smoothly!

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