How to Sync payments from Quickbooks for PC to InvoiceASAP

What is this feature?

Now you can sync the payments made in QuickBooks for PC  with InvoiceASAP.
The invoices you mark as paid in QuickBooks for PC will update the payment status in InvoiceASAP on the next sync.  This includes the ability to mark multiple invoices paid with one check.

How to turn on this feature:

1. From the InvoiceASAP Dashboard Click on QuickBooks Sync

Click on QuickBooks Sync on the left-hand menu.




2. Click “Download” to Download the newest version of the InvoiceASAP Sync Manager for QuickBooks for PC

Click on the orange “download” to start downloading the sync manager.

After downloading the new sync manager you will need to Run it.




3. Click on the Sync Preferences Button

Click on the dark blue “sync preferences” button.




4. Click “Yes” Sync Payments from QuickBooks







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