Set Default Tax and Payment Terms for Customers & Jobs/Locations

For Plus and Biz customers only

If you want to set a default tax rate for your entire InvoiceASAP account, please click here.

If you have customers with different tax rates or payment terms, you can apply a default tax rate or payment term to a specific customer or job/location, and it will automatically be applied to your new estimates & invoices.

You can also mark specific customers and jobs/locations as ‘taxable’ or ‘non-taxable.’

How it works

Mark a customer as Taxable or Non-Taxable:

  • Customers: A non-taxable customer will never have tax calculated, even if a taxable item is selected on the invoice.  A taxable customer will have tax calculated only for items that are marked as taxable.

  • Jobs/locations:  A job or location can be marked as non-taxable while its parent customer can be taxable.  Likewise, a job/location can be marked as taxable while its parent customer can be non-taxable.

Set a default tax rate for each customer and job/location:

  • This tax setting allows you to set a tax rate for a customer or job that is different from your company's default tax rate.

  • Jobs/locations: A job's tax rate can also be different from its parent customer's tax rate.

Set a default payment term for each customer and job/location:

  • If you want a customer or job to have different payment terms from you company's default, this setting allows you do so. The customer's payment term will override the company default for that specific customer or job.


How to edit default tax and payment terms for specific customers:

1. Log into the InvoiceASAP Manage Account Website



2. Click on Customers on the left navigation.



3. Click on the customer you want to edit.02-Pick.png


4. Click on the pencil icon to edit the customer.

5. Change your settings and Save

Taxable or non-taxable: Check the box next to ‘Taxable’ if the customer is taxable. If they’re not taxable, uncheck this box.

Default tax: To set a default tax for this customer, select the relevant tax from the drop down box next to ‘Default tax’.

Default payment terms: Set the default payment terms for this customer by selecting an option from the drop down box next to ‘Default Term’.







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