Web Dashboard: How Do I Change My Email Report Settings?

Our projected revenue report provides you with a daily update on your business finances.

When you will receive the report

The report will only be generated if you have created, paid or approved an invoice or estimate the previous day.

Note: If you haven’t created, approved or paid any documents in the system, you won’t receive an email report.

Who receives the report?

Only Company Admins receive a Projected Revenue email report.

How to change your email settings

You can easily change your email settings within the Manage Account Website. Here's how...



1. From your computer, log into the Web Dashboard. 




2. Click on Settings.






3. Click Account Settings.




4. Scroll down to the ‘Report Email Settings’ section. Select the frequency you prefer. 



5. Finally, make sure you click ‘Save’. A notification will then appear to indicate your update has been successful.








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