Changes to Our Free InvoiceASAP Account from March 2015

In March 2015 our Free InvoiceASAP accounts will be changing.

Here’s some more information on what to expect...

Q. Will I lose my data?

A. No. We never delete data. You will still be able to login and view all of your historic invoices and estimates, customers, products, and services.

Q. What happens if I don’t upgrade to a paid account?

A. If you don’t upgrade and continue using the free account, you will be limited to creating 5 documents per month (this includes both invoices and estimates). You’ll still be able to mark invoices as paid and can still email and print invoices and estimates.

Q. When will the changeover happen?

A. The changeover will take place once our updated app has been released in the Apple app store. We will be notifying you by email to let you know when the new app has been released in the app store. Unfortunately, we are not in control of when the app will be released -- this is managed by Apple. Because of this we are unable to provide a firm date, although we can confirm that it will be no later than April 1 2015. Once the new app has been released, all free accounts will be limited to 5 documents per month.

Q. What new features do I get if I upgrade?

A. The following features will be available to those who upgrade to our Plus account:

• Upload your company logo for personalized invoices and estimates

• Accept credit card payments

• No limits on documents - create as many invoices and estimates as you need

• Easily import all customers, products, and services

• FREE unlimited support

• Unlimited cloud storage

Q. I'm having problems upgrading! It says my billing information is incorrect.

A. Follow these instructions for updating your credit card or billing information.

Q. I’d like to speak with someone about my account

A. No problem! Send us a support ticket and someone from our Customer Support Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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