Mobile App: Connect a Printer to My Phone

The InvoiceASAP mobile app is designed to work directly with Zebra's iMZ320 and iMZ220 Bluetooth Printers. In order to print from one of these printers, you must first connect the printer to your app.

Zebra printer integration requires a Plus or Biz account subscription.


Connecting the printer with your iOS app

Ensure that your Zebra printer is on. Make sure that your printer is not currently connected to any other device - you can do this by turning the Bluetooth on connected devices off.

Pairing the printer to your device with Bluetooth


1. Turn on your mobile device's Bluetooth receiver. In iOS, this can be done from the Settings app. Select Bluetooth from the Settings menu and then use the switch to turn Bluetooth on.




2. Find and select your Zebra printer in the list of available devices. You can identify the correct device from the list by finding the serial number (S/N) on the Zebra printer's label. Tap the entry on your mobile device that matches your printer's serial number. If you have connected to this printer before, you will find the entry under MY DEVICES - otherwise, it will be under DEVICES.




3. Ensure that the connection was successful. When your printer is connected to your mobile device, the blue indicator light on the printer will turn on. Additionally, the entry in your settings for your printer will now be listed under My Devices as Connected.




Connecting to the InvoiceASAP app to your printer

Now that the printer is paired with your iOS device, you can connect the printer to the InvoiceASAP app.

1. In the app's main menu, tap Manage App.




2. Tap Select Printer, then tap Select Zebra Bluetooth.




3. You will now see your printer's model name under SELECT PRINTER. Tap this model name to connect it to InvoiceASAP.IMG_0007.PNG


When you printer connects successfully to the InvoiceASAP app, it will print out a short confirmation message.

You are now ready to print! For more help with printing, check out the article on How to Print from your mobile device.

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