Mobile App: How Do I Mark an Invoice as Unpaid?

This article describes how to mark an invoice as unpaid on your mobile device

Here's how on the app:

  • From the app's main menu, tap on Invoice List 
  • Select the Invoice you would like to delete the payment from
  • Tap edit on the Action Bar from the right side of the invoice
  • Scroll Down to Total
  • Tap the Trash Icon next to the Payment
  • Tap Yes 
  • This will mark your invoice as unpaid. 


1. Click on Invoice List.




2. Tap on Edit. 




3. Tap on the trash icon. 




4. Tap Yes. 


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    Matthew Wil Chaney

    They have already made one payment, I'm trying to get them to pay the balance. If I markout that one payment as not paid there's going to be confusion. When she clicks on the PayPal button at the bottom of the invoice the error comes up that the invoice cannot be paid because it already has been. How do I get past that? And why can't I actually make a phone call to your helpdesk?

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    Matthew Wil Chaney

    140716215 is the invoice in question. I deleted all payments, and it still shows that no payment can be made on this invoice that it says it is paid in full. This is extremely frustrating!

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