Connecting to Xero

It's easy to get connected from invoiceASAP to your Xero account. 

Just follow these steps:

1)  From the Dashboard ( > Login), select Xero Sync.



Press the Authenticate button.  This will connect you to your Xero account.



Authenticate redirects you to Xero.

Log into your Xero account.



Press Authorise to grant InvoiceASAP permission to access your Xero data.




You are returned back to InvoiceASAP, where you need to set some setup information.



What Bank Account should your payments go to?  Your list of Xero bank accounts is displayed in the drop-down box.

What Revenue account should the invoice data go to?  Your list of revenue accounts is displayed in the drop-down box.

Set whether you want the sync to import payments from InvoiceASAP into Xero.

Set whether you want the sync to update Xero with changes to customer information.

Set whether you want the sync to import edits made to already imported invoices.



Once your options are saved, you can sync.

Press the Sync button.

The sync pulls Taxes, Customers, Products/Services from your Xero account.

The sync does NOT pull existing invoices from your Xero into InvoiceASAP.

Invoices created in InvoiceaASAP will sync into your Xero.

If you create new customers or new products/services in InvoiceASAP, they will also be created in your Xero.



Below is a screen of the sync after it has completed.

Press the View Log button to view the details (including any errors) of the sync.





The top part of this page shows all the syncs that have been run.

Click on the most recent date.




When you click on the link, the bottom part displays the details of the sync.

Press the Home link to go back to the Dashboard.




The final step is getting all that information from Xero onto your mobile device.

Open the app on your mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the main menu and select ‘Refresh from Cloud’.



Once the app has refreshed you can check that the information has transferred across.



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