Create a WePay Account

WePay is a payment option that puts the credit card payment form directly on your invoice.

InvoiceASAP does not charge to add WePay as a payment option. 

WePay's fees are 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction.  These fees are deducted from the invoice amount.


This article shows you how to setup your WePay account to start taking payments on your invoices.

1. From your computer, log into the InvoiceASAP Manage Account Website.



2. To signup for WePay, click on Settings.




3. Select WePay.



4. Click on Save.




3)  WePay has been saved successfully.





4)  You will get an e-mail asking you to confirm you WePay account.




5)  When you press Confirm, you are asked to create your WePay password and agree to their Terms & Conditions.




6)  Follow the instructions to Verify your Account, then link to your bank account.  This is how you get the money into your checking account.




7)  The WePay form appears at the bottom of every invoice you prepare.




8)  When your customer pays the invoice, you will get an e-mail notification.




9)  If you did not Verify your Account per the instructions above, and your customer pays you via WePay, you will get an e-mail like the one shown below. 

You MUST verify your account before WePay will release the funds to you.




10)  Log into your WePay account to see your payment.  In this example, I have not linked to my bank account.



11)  By clicking on the payment in the screen shot above, you can see the details of the payment.  WePay's fees are 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.





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    Park Young Bae

    Now this is system understand QB and InvoiceASAP.

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    Park Young Bae

    If this system comment from Apple Inc. thank you introduced edcation account department.

    But i have little big conframe about

    Teaching way so long and weastern time this.

    Also Organization

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    Park Young Bae

    OFA if this agreed my study it.

    Thank you. But also this is my carrier that i so long time confused main point OFA Occused Action for Volunteer.r

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    Park Young Bae

    When started Learn NGO until today

    my so many confused this.

    i am everytime didn't forgot my success business mind. If i dicision make business again almost top business in the world.

    This my mind believe not believe yourself.

    Anyway i has impact my feeling you.

    But my hard work and learn this you

    Before promissed so many storied i'm start now you keep following.

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    Park Young Bae

    I one more tell that didn't same like my broken privacy life.

    This is whoever again i promisse never more stand before.

    Thank you.

    Note: wepay and OFA my salry and

    spend money complete my bank account payoneer.

    i so many remember pratic time promissed.

    Don't forget.


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