Web Dashboard: How Do I Set My Users' Permissions?

To create users for your account, read this article.

Managing your users' permissions allows you to limit their access to company data. For example, you can allow specific team members to view all users' invoices (i.e. your accounting team) but ensure that all sales personnel can only view invoices for their own sales.

Setting or updating your team members' permissions


1. From your computer, log into the InvoiceASAP Web Dashboard.




2. Click on Settings.




3. To manage your user's permissions, click on Manage Users.




4. In the Manage Users page, edit the user whose permissions you wish to change by clicking the key icon next to that person's name.




There are 11 permissions you can control, described below:

1. Create Estimates:

lets this user create estimates

2. Delete Documents: lets this user delete and update items

3. Edit Documents: lets this user edit documents

4. Edit Email Recipients: lets this user email the outgoing email address

5. Send Documents: lets this user email invoices and estimates from our website.

6. View Reports: lets


see all company reports

7. Create/Update Items: lets this user create products and services

8. Delete Payments: lets this user delete payments on invoices

9. Edit Email Message: lets this user edit the outgoing email message

10. Export Documents: lets this user export estimates, invoices, sales receipts, and sales orders

11. View All Documents: lets this user view everyone's documents. (Unchecked means this user can only view invoices or estimates that this user has created.) 




5. Check all permissions that you wish this user to have. Don't forget to hit Update User!



You can also update your user's username and reset that user's password.  Again, don't forget to hit Save.



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