Mobile App: How do I Print from my iPhone/iPad?

APPLIES TO:  Invoices, Estimates, Sales Receipts, Sales Orders on iPhone/iPad

invoiceASAP has integrated Zebra Printers directly into the iPhone/iPad app.
But you can also print to a non-Zebra 8.5x11 printer as well. 
To print to a non-Zebra printer, you must be able to connect to your printer from your iPhone/iPad's browser.
These instructions show you how to do both.


1.From the Actions menu, click the down arrow to show all the options.



2.Select Print from the options.



3.Choose whether you want to print to Zebra or Non-Zebra printer.



4.The Zebra printer prints immediately.
A non-Zebra printer brings up the Print Dialogue Box

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    hello please what number I can call the printiar I can not, I have the program invoice asap. printiar when a boy I can not. when out celecionar, the print does not come out, my zebra printer configurations imz320 that I have to do ..... .

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    Danielle Graziano

    My ZEBRA IMZ320 is paired and it prints however it is encrypted when it prints?

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    I have followed the steps to print to a non zebra printer, however when I print it is only printing my company info and signatures, the body of invoice is blank.. Please help

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