Web Dashboard: How Can I Add or Remove Users to My Account?

With an invoiceASAP Plus or Biz account, you can easily add users to your account by increasing your subscription and send them an e-mail. 

The process is described in detail below. 

It is important to note that your team members MUST sign up from the link that you send them.  Then they can download the app and log in.

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Here's how to add your team members.:


1. From your computer, log into the InvoiceASAP Web Dashboard.




2. Click on Settings.




3. Click on Manage Users.




4. In this example, we have paid for 22 team members and we have 22 team members.  If you want to add another team member, you can either inactivate an existing team member or increase the size of your team.




5. To increase the size of the team, just put how many additional subscriptions you want and press the Save button. Now you can create your new team member's account.




6. Complete the information for your new team member and save it.




 7. When the user has been successfully created, you get a success page.




8. The new user is now displayed as part of your team members.





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