How do I apply a Discount?

You can give a dollar amount discount to any of your customers by taking the following steps:


  • Create a new item by tapping the Manage App > App Settings > Products & Services, then tapping the Plus button in the upper right corner.
  • Give the item the name Discount and the Unit Price a placeholder amount of 1.  The Item Code is optional.
  • Save the item


  • Create a new invoice (or edit an existing one) as you normally do
  • Add the full priced item to the invoice
  • Next, add the Discount item:
    • Change the Unit Price to the discount amount
    • Change the Quantity from 1 to -1.  This is what turns the amount into a negative number in order to apply the discount.
    • Add any comments about the discount

That's it!  Your invoice will show the regularly priced item and the discount you have applied to it.

We don't currently support percentage-based markups for the total cost.

However, there is a way to mimic this behavior that is pretty simple:

  1. Create a service item in InvoiceASAP named Service Fee (or something similar).
  2. Set the price of the new item to 0.05.
  3. Once you have created an invoice and added all your items to it, look at the total for the invoice (let's say it's $100).
  4. Add the Service Fee item to your invoice, and put 100 as the quantity. This will add a line item to your invoice with a value of 5, which is 5% of the total invoice value.
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    Mindy Stephenson

    This is great if you need to apply a dollar amount, but how can you apply a percentage amount?

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    InvoiceASAP Tech Team

    Hi Mindy,

    We have percentage discounts on our enhancement list, so they will be available soon.

    Until then, adding the dollar discount is the best option.


    Kind regards,


    Anne H. Maxwell, CTO


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    Tom Niede

    2% 10 days, Net 30 is still a popular term used in Biz.  I have several larger customers who request and use it.  I can account for it in QB but not in IASAP.  Wish I could!  Otherwise loving you guys.

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    Subtotal all parts then discount say 10% is what would help a lot. After that i list my labor Non discount price.



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