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    Paul Nagy

    Why can't I add multiple contacts under companies and use their information? Why when I do add another contact does it reverts?

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    InvoiceASAP Tech Team

    Hi Paul,

    This is a feature we will be adding this summer.

    Expect it to be available by the end of July or middle of August.


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    Rob Barrett

    So, this really doesn't emulate the QuickBooks mobile functionality at all, correct? Meaning, when I create an invoice, I cannot choose a different template. It also doesn't synchronize my existing open invoices or estimates.

    There is also no place to cancel my account or speak to a live human being (Whenever I call, there is just an answering machine or phone system error) ???????????


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    Brad Koplen

    How do you get your business profile on the actual invoice to show your phone number and e-mail?

    You really need to either put spacing, bolding or better yet make red the due on section.

    “Customers all to often say they did not noticeit” due on receipt. Help

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    InvoiceASAP Tech Team

    Hi Brad,

    Here's a link to and article that shows how to display your phone number and email on the invoices:

    An invoice that is past due will automatically display in red.
    The due date  (and therefore the past-due date) is based on the invoice date.
    If you want the Due on Receipt to display in red, you could date the invoice one day earlier.

    A better suggestion is to add a default comment or terms and conditions for all of your invoices that clearly display your invoices are due on receipt.

    You could add something like this as a default comment or terms & conditions:
    Thank you for your business!
    Please note that all invoices are Due on Receipt.
    You can remit your payment either by entering your credit card information or by submitting a check to <your address>.

    This article shows how to update your terms & conditions:

    This article shows how to add default comments:

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