Web Dashboard: How Do I Create a PDF of the Invoice?

APPLIES TO:  Invoices, Estimates Sales Receipts, Sales Orders

You can only create a PDF of your invoice from your computer by using the Print option on the invoice.


1. From your computer, log into the InvoiceASAP Web Dashboard.




2. Click Invoices.




3. Select the Invoices you want to save as a PDF.




4. Click Print.




5. Change the Destination to Save as PDF.



6. Save as PDF. 





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    This method is not working on my android tablet.

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    InvoiceASAP Tech Team

    Hi Verna,

    This method describes how to print to a PDF from a computer rather than your Android tablet.

    On your Android tablet, it's going to be a little more complicated, since we do not create a PDF directly from the app (although that is a feature we should have available by the end of the year).

    For the Android tablet, you will probably need an app that will convert a web page to a PDF -- each of our invoices is stored as a secure web page with its own URL.

    You can e-mail the invoice to yourself, then click on the link in the e-mail and open the invoice in your browser.  From the browser, you use whatever app allows you to create a PDF from the web page.


    I hope this information helps.


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    There is an app called "PDF converter" (not sure for android), that does an excellent job at converting the invoice to a PDF. When u go to print & print menu pops up, cancel print. Then use the up icon (bottom left hand corner) & choose open with "PDF converter"
    Make sure invoice asap has completed the invoice, otherwise you will get a PDF called web page.
    You can then rename the PDF & then u can email your invoice it to your customer, as a PDF attachment.
    Excellent app indeed & works well with invoice asap.
    Not sure if it costs, but worth every cent of your investment.
    Hope this helps
    Laurie Graham

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    InvoiceASAP Tech Team

    Hi Laurie,


    Thank you for the information!
    We do have the option to print to a PDF, but from the web invoice, not the app:

    • From the app's Saved Invoice, tap on Preview from the Action Bar that slides out from the right (you might need to tap on the down arrow to view all the Action Bar options)
    • On the Preview, you will see an icon to create a PDF in the upper right corner.

    Kind regards,


    Edited by InvoiceASAP Tech Team
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