How Do I Create a Product or Service?

There are several ways to create a new product or service on InvoiceASAP:

 InvoiceASAP App

From the Products & Services View:

• From the home screen, select 'Manage App,' then 'Products & Services.'

• Tap on the Plus in the upper right corner of the screen. 

• Enter the product or service name and the unit price. 

• Optionally, you can enter a Code that uniquely identifies this item and a longer description.

• Tap on Product or Service.

• Tap on Taxable or No Tax.

• Press Save.


From an Invoice, Estimate, Sales Receipt or Sales Order:

• Create a new invoice or edit an existing invoice.

• Tap on the New button next to the Items heading.

• Enter the Item Name and Unit Price.

• Optionally, you can enter a description for this product or service.

NOTE:   When a product or service is added in this method, the Item Code is assigned by the system.

• Tap on Product or Service.

• Tap on Taxable or No Tax.

Tap on how you want to save this item:

Save Item & Display saves this item to your Products & Services list so you can select it again.

* Display Item Once displays this item on this invoice only.  It is not saved and cannot be selected for another invoice.


invoiceASAP Dashboard

• Go to the invoiceASAP Dashboard at

Entering Products and Services One by One

• Select Products or Services from the left navigation.

• Click on Add New Product or Service.

• Input your information and press Save.


Uploading Products and Services

• Click on Products or Services from the left navigation• Click Upload Products and Services.• Click Browse, find the upload file on your computer.• IMPORTANT NOTE: The filename should be one word, without any spaces in it:

• WRONG: My Product List.csv

• RIGHT: MyProductList.csv

• Click Upload.

• On the next screen, match the field names in your file to the product/services field names in invoiceASAP. 

• Click Save.

• Your file will be imported into invoiceASAP.


invoiceASAP App:

To get your products/services into the app, tap on Refresh from Cloud.

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