How can I Upload My Customers?

Yes, with a paid account, you can upload your customers from a comma-separated file.  The upload feature only works on your computer.

invoiceASAP Dashboard:

  • Go to the Manage Account Website at > Login
  • Click on Customers on the left navigation
  • Click Upload Customers.
  • Click Browse, find the upload file on your computer.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE:  The filename should be one word, without any spaces in it:
      • WRONG:  My Customer List.csv
      • RIGHT:  MyCustomerList.csv
  • Click Upload File.
  • On the next screen, match the field names in your file to the customer field names in invoiceASAP. 
  • Click Save.
  • Your file will be imported into invoiceASAP.

invoiceASAP App:

  • To get your customers into the app, tap Home, Manage Account, Refresh from Cloud.
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