Web Dashboard: Including an Estimate or Invoice in the Next Sync

Sometimes, you need to include one or more estimates or invoices in the next sync, but you should not need to edit each one to be able to do this.

We have added a new tool, called Advanced Toolbox, that will allow you to do this.


1. From your computer, log into the Web Dashboard




2. Click on Settings on the left navigation.


3. Click on Advanced Toolbox.
NOTE: If you do not see the Advanced Toolbox, please contact InvoiceASAP to enable it for your account.


4. Click on Include/Exclude Invices & Estimates to/from next Sync.04.png

5.The default date range is the current calendar year.
Click on the date range drop down to select the date range you want.



6. Click on the checkbox on the title bar to select all invoices or estimates.


7. You can also select documents individually, then click Include in Next Sync.


8. Confirm that you want to include these in the next sync.


9.Click OK.
The selected invoices and estimates will be included in the next sync.


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