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When syncing with Xero, the Tax Rates must originate in Xero.
This is because Xero uses a hidden code that InvoiceASAP does not know about.

Many users create their InvoiceASAP accounts first, create their tax rates & invoices, then upgrade to sync with Xero.

When this happens, you can merge the InvoiceASAP tax rate with the Xero tax rates in order to get a successful sync.

Here's how.

Log into the Manage Account Website at > Log In


If you need to merge taxes, you will see this pop-up window.  
Click on Merge Taxes.


The Merge Taxes screen shows that taxes from Xero and the taxes from InvoiceASAP, and the number of Invoices associated with the tax rates.


Click on the InvoiceASAP tax rate and the Xero tax rate that you want to merge, then click the Merge button.
When you click on the InvoiceASAP tax rate, the Xero tax rates available will only be those with the same tax rate.


The tax rates are now merged.

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