Google Play: How to Cancel your InvoiceASAP Subscription in Google Play

If you signed up to a paid plan via the InvoiceASAP mobile app, you can cancel your subscription through Google Play Store.

Important: Uninstalling an app will not automatically stop your subscription. You must cancel your subscription to end your subscription. If you uninstall the app without canceling your subscription, you will still be charged.


This article applies to people who have:

  • Made an in-app purchase: You have upgraded to a paid InvoiceASAP plan within the InvoiceASAP mobile app

This article does not apply to people who have:

  • Signed up or upgraded via the InvoiceASAP website (

  • Signed up or upgraded to a paid plan over the phone

If you have signed up to a paid plan via the InvoiceASAP website or over the phone and would like to cancel, you can follow these instructions:


 Android devices: Cancel subscription from your Android Settings

Click on the link to cancel your subscription through the Settings on your iPhone or iPad:

Google Play Subscription


 Android devices: Cancel subscription using the Google Play Store

  1. Go to
  2. Find the app that offers subscription-based content.
  3. Click Subscribe and choose a subscription option.
  4. Select a payment method.
  5. Click Subscribe


For information about Google Play subscriptions, including how to request a refund, please visit the Google Play Help Center.

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